Decibel Media Group focuses on Creative Talent Marketing and Management.

Profiles under TALENT are exclusively managed and represented by DMG.

Profiles under INFLUENCERS are hand selected for each category, and we have a total influencer roster of 3000 profiles. DMG does not directly represent all influencers but we work closely with their managers and agents and function as a third party.

If you're interested in a very specific profile for your project, we can help you pick the best option from our roster. Send us your contact information and we will get in touch.
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9AM - 7PM, Mon to Fri
We work with Official TikTok Content Creators and Verified Users / Talent.
For influencers found under the talent section, Decibel Media Group are their exclusive management representation.
Decibel Media Group does NOT directly represent all influencers.
Decibel Media Group works as a third party and works closely with the influencers' agents / managers.